New York City's DNA

Calming and Relaxing Soundscapes

New York City's DNA soundscapes help you to sleep, calm down, focus, and feel more relaxed during different activities.

They are great for reading & homework, yoga practice, exam prep, meditation, and help you to fall asleep easily.
They are also a great way to relieve stress. Our soundscapes are available as YouTube videos.


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Relax with our unique soundscapes

New York City's DNA offers videos that, thanks to their unique soundscape, will help you to detach yourself from any distracting noises around you as well as from unwanted thoughts going through your mind.

We have created videos that will help you to:

  • stay focussed

  • work and study more efficiently

  • to relief tinnitus

  • meditate

  • practise yoga

  • to manage anxiety

  • fall asleep more easily

  • sleep through the night

  • to manage insomnia

The sounds on the videos are set to lower frequencies so you will keep your neighbours happy, too. The length of the videos is 1–12 hours and can take you right through the night guaranteeing you a long, relaxing sleep without any external distractions. 

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Check out our videos!

Do you need to focus on something important or are you having trouble relaxing or falling asleep? Our soundscapes can help! They are readily and freely available on YouTube - we have a wide selection of free videos that you can listen to and of course watch as well. White Noise is our specialty. Most of the White Noise has been made from sound material from the cabins of various passenger planes over the years. Tune in to the relaxing world of our videos and get in touch if you want to know more about it!

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Fall asleep to soothing sounds

Do you find it hard to fall asleep? Do you often wake up in the middle of the night and cannot get back to sleep? Are you constantly tired due to lack of sleep and often feel tired when you wake up? Sleep problems can be caused by many things such as physical pain, night sweats, getting up to go to the toilet, a partner who snores, stress and worries. 


There is a solution: soothing music, sounds of nature or monotonous white noise can help those who have difficulties falling asleep or suffer from insomnia – without any side-effects that, for example, medication can have. We offer a wide range of alternatives so that you can find the one that works best for your mind and body. Explore our videos of white noise, nature sounds and music and do get in touch if you want to discover more.

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Electronic music for every situation

Our business family also includes our record label, Battery Park Entertainment specializes practise in electronic music. We make our own music and also produce music by other artists. We have a wide range of electronic music suitable for many different uses. Visit our YouTube channel and discover our music!

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