Soothing videos to relax your mind and body

Dna of New York City playlists contain relaxing videos that help you to focus, wind down and to fall asleep and sleep soundly through the night. The videos eliminate external noise and also internal thoughts and worries that play on your mind.

White Noise for relaxation and deep sleep

We have compiled a playlist of white noise to help you relax and fall into a deep sleep. White noise is a mix of different sound frequencies and it is typically described as a hissing sound. So, most of our videos are White Noise videos of aircraft cabins. Watch our playlist on YouTube and relax!

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Soothing sounds of nature

Some of our playlists consist of soothing sounds of nature, such as thrumming rainfall. These soundscapes help you to relax and fall asleep fast. You get the cozy feeling and thus it removes stress! You will fall asleep quickly and get a good and undisturbed sleep that lasts uninterrupted until the morning. And when you wake up to a new morning, you’re refreshed and full of energy, ready for the day’s work and chores.

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Music for stress-relief and deep sleep 

Do you prefer to listen to music to relax and fall asleep? We have complied playlists full of peaceful music ideal to help you to fall into a deep sleep and sleep more peacefully. 

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